Folk singer-songwriter Rachel Taylor releases her second album, Magnetic, reinventing progressive folk and revitalizing the memorable sound of 1950’s country. Reminiscent of classics like Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn blended with a modern alternative edge, Taylor delivers a winning volume that will connect with listeners on the deepest level.

“I hope [Magnetic] will resonate as ‘true’ to the listener. I want it to feel familiar, old school meets current,” says Taylor. “I believe the album takes us on an emotional journey. We have desires and dreams, that ‘thing’ about love and relationship that turns us on, and makes us keep chasing after an ideal, but the reality of relationship is a tug of war, a back and forth, a high a low and sometimes hanging on in the middle. All the while, we never lose hope, even when we say we do.”

MAGNETIC is also available on iTunes.