I’m not very good at promoting me, but I am excited about this new website and even more excited about my new project, HEARTBREAK IS FOR EVERYONE which was produced by BRMC’s Peter Hayes. Thanks so much for being with me at this moment. I love these new songs, these recordings and hope you do as well.

Why “Heartbreak is for Everyone”? I had a friend recently ask me the question, “what do you know about heartbreak?” What a silly question. If you are human you have certainly experienced heartbreak on some level. We are all secretly or obviously walking around with it. We all have our own story and we all have our personal version of it. If you haven’t, you will. Sounds sad, but I think it is a beautiful bond that we all share. When someone has expressed their struggle or hurt and I can relate, I instantly feel hope, I feel less alone. There’s so much about life that can break a heart, but I believe in hope and I believe there’s as much or more about life to inspire us forward, to mend our hearts and this gives me hope.